Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Task 2 Basic Facts Week 7 Term 2

Addition Battle

Collect some cards from Ms F and the container of Beans.

In your maths books draw up the following grid:

1. Everyone draws a card from the deck to decide the first Turn Captain. The person with the highest card wins. (Next round the person on the left will Turn Captain.)

2. Shuffle cards and stack face down in center.

3. Everyone draws the grid in their books to set up the addition problem.

4. Turn Captain flips over top card. Everyone writes it in a blank. The number can’t be moved after it is written.

5. Turn Captain turns over 5 more cards, waiting each time for everyone to write them on a line.

6. The three numbers you put in the top 3 boxes become ONE 3-digit number and the three numbers you put in the bottom 3 boxes become another 3-digit number.

7. Add the two 3-digit numbers together.

8. The person with the highest total gets a bean.

Play at least 5 rounds to see if you get an overall winner. Post the name of your winner in the comment box.

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