Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maths activities W5T3

Hi guys - here are the links to the maths activities for this week. The first three require login & passwords - if you are playing these at home you will need to send me a message in edmodo to get these.

Divide it up - hardware

Divide it up - puppies

Fraction fiddle

Around the world - who will be the first to complete this - I've not had any luck so far!

The Array

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

W1T3 Activities

Try out this fraction activity.

Click here for full screen version

You can also go over the activity we did in class on Tuesday:

Flash Fractions

Here's another interactive activity:

Click here for full screen version

Sunday, June 28, 2009

W10 T2 Maths Activities

Most of our week will be taken up with creating 3D geometric shapes using nets.

However I will also give you links to some activities:

Matching Shapes

Shape Sorter (quite hard!)

Maths Power

Click here to play this game

Tower Blaster

Click here to play this game

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maths activities Week 9 Term 2

This week there are a number of activities to complete. Remember you have to choose as a group which activity you will do - but you have to do them all!

There are a mix of activities:


Times Tables

Number ordering


Basic Facts

I will also be working with the different Maths groups this week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

W9T2 Addition

Try out this activity embedded here:

If it doesn't work then you can go here:
Bitesize Addition full screen version

Once you've completed the activity take the quiz here.
Picture 11

W9T2 Multiplication

Play these games to practise your times tables. Then complete the worksheet.

Camel Times Tables
Picture 6

Paste the worksheet into your maths books when finished.

W9T2 Number ordering

Complete the exercises (medium - hard - very hard) and finish the worksheet.

Forest Ordering
Picture 7

Once you've completed the worksheet paste it into your maths book.

W9T2 Geometry

Complete these activities online then get a worksheet from Ms Fothergill to complete.

Shape Lab
Picture 8

W9T2 Basic Facts

Practise your basic facts - take turns in playing addition snap and playing Bug Race online.

Addition Snap
Picture 5

Bug Race
Picture 10

Monday, June 15, 2009

Maths activities Tuesday/Wednesday W8T2

There are a number of activities your group can choose from over these two days. Four are online computer activities and the other two are physical activities.

Choose an activity to do and when you've completed it (and every one has had their turn at it) you can come back and choose another activity to do. These will open in a new tab or window.

Counting Beetles

Lines of Symmetry
Picture 9

Rotation of ... buildings?
Picture 10

Geometric Shapes

Addition Snap

Tower Blaster
Picture 11

When you finish the activity you can close the tab/window to return here.

Counting Beetles

This is a fun little counting activity. You have to keep a close eye on the beetles though.

Counting Beetles

This activity will open in a new tab/window. When you're finished close the tab/window to return to this page.

Lines of symmetry

You've already done an activity like this last week. This time there are three activities for you to try.

Finding one line of symmetry - garden

Finding two lines of symmetry - garden

Finding two lines of symmetry - city

All these will open in a new tab/window. When you've finished close the tab/window to return here.

Rotation of .... buildings?

In this activity you need to recreate the view that you can see from a bird's eye point of view. This activity gets harder as you go along.

When you've finished close the tab/window and come back to this page.

Building Site

Geometric shapes

I know this is an activity you all like.

Create geometric shapes with the blocks and photograph. How complicated can you make your design?

Addition Snap

In order to win this game you need to correctly answer the addition question formed by your two cards. The person who answers first (and correctly) gets both cards. If neither of you get the answer correct the cards stay in the middle until the next correct answer.

Get the cards from the green bucket.

Tower Blaster

This is the activity we previewed (and a couple of groups played) on the IWB on Monday. Click on the link to go there. It should open in a new tab or window. When you're finished close the tab or window to get back here.

Tower Blaster

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maths Schedule Monday 15 June

Today's schedule will complete last week's rotation. The groups are your old maths groups. Annexe people are Group 6 for this exercise.

  • Group 6 - Free maths choosing
Tomorrow you will be doing your maths in your new seating groups!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Task 5 Geometric Shapes

Working with the Mimio - click on the link: Geometric Shapes to go to your activity.

Remember to take turns!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Task 4 Symmetry Week 7 Term 2

Click on the link to go to your task today - ask Ms F to set the password for you.

Finding Symmetry

You should really enjoy the activity. Once you've finished come back to this page and add a comment on how you enjoyed it, what was hard/what was easy and your group name.

Task 3 Polygons Week 7 Term 2

Most of you have now seen the Polygon playground.

For this task I want you to use the Polygon playground to create a design that you then recreate using actual blocks from our block container.

On Wednesday we couldn't actually get the web site working - well done to Group 1 who were so professional about it.

Since this is a problem we will skip viewing the website and go directly to creating geometric designs with the blocks. Don't forget to take a photo which we'll post later on.

How complicated can you get? Take a photo of your finished design.

Task 2 Basic Facts Week 7 Term 2

Addition Battle

Collect some cards from Ms F and the container of Beans.

In your maths books draw up the following grid:

1. Everyone draws a card from the deck to decide the first Turn Captain. The person with the highest card wins. (Next round the person on the left will Turn Captain.)

2. Shuffle cards and stack face down in center.

3. Everyone draws the grid in their books to set up the addition problem.

4. Turn Captain flips over top card. Everyone writes it in a blank. The number can’t be moved after it is written.

5. Turn Captain turns over 5 more cards, waiting each time for everyone to write them on a line.

6. The three numbers you put in the top 3 boxes become ONE 3-digit number and the three numbers you put in the bottom 3 boxes become another 3-digit number.

7. Add the two 3-digit numbers together.

8. The person with the highest total gets a bean.

Play at least 5 rounds to see if you get an overall winner. Post the name of your winner in the comment box.

Geometry Task 1 Week 7 Term 2

We've been learning about the both the characteristics and the names of 2D and 3D shapes. In your group brainstorm all the words we've used to describe these shapes (names of the 2D and 3D shapes). You should be able to get at least 10 different shape names.

Click on the comment box and write your group words into the box. Make sure you put your group name in as well so I know whose words they are.